Not good.

Not good.

There’s this really good scene where he goes into her bedroom for the first time. It’s completely innocent, but he’s terrified. She just wants to show him around. But she’s in this sweet, little blue dress and rambling on excitedly about this and that.

And the walls are sinking in on him as his eyes flicker across her things. The way her sheets are a little rumpled. The heady way the room just smells like her - clean and fresh and a hint of vanilla. And the cross necklace he found for her in the funeral home is hanging from her bedpost. And when his eyes finally land back on her, she’s taking down her hair from its normal ponytail and time slows down and he can feel his lips on her neck and his nose buried in her hair.

AND HE FREAKS THE FUCK OUT. And totally backs out of her room and clumsily down the stairs and out the door. Because one second longer and he would’ve laid her out on that bed and tasted her from mouth to toe until she begged him to stop and to keep going in the same damn breath.

But I’m not writing this.

thequeenofshebasays said: Might sound silly, but my head canon is that Daryl doesn't have a place yet so he's been sleeping on the Grimes' sofa for a few weeks, and it's harder for him to get used to this place then everyone else and then Beth has her own place and she suggests that he sleep on her couch instead bc Judith and Carl and he can never get a moment of piece... Idk that was a fic idea I had... Thinking about it... Idk... Yours sounds better.

No! Your’s sounds great. WRITE IT.

And then it goes on and on for quite some time back and forth. But then they end up having angry sex in a house just outside the walls of the safe zone. And then the angry sex leads to sweet sex. And they’re interrupted in the afterglow by walkers.

It’s really a long story that I don’t want to write.

So, okay. The next day she finds the prefect no-nonsense sofa. Well, couch. Because let’s be honest. Daryl doesn’t do sofas. So anyway. She gets some help and moves the couch into his living room so at least she’ll have a place to sit. And he’ll have a place to sleep. 

She waits for him there on his couch. Waits for him to leave work and come home. To her, it feels like. Even though he doesn’t know she’s there.

He walks in and stops dead when he sees the two of them - his new couch and Beth. She’s nervous and smiling a bit too hard. She asks him if he likes it and he says ‘sure’ kind of noncommittally. She gets even more anxious but pats the cushion next to hers anyway, inviting him to sit beside her.

He does, but it’s super weird. He’s not comfortable. And she’s not comfortable. And everything feels super forced. She laughs quietly and wonders out loud why things aren’t as easy between them as they used to be. After all, they spent weeks together on the road all up in each other’s business with little to no shyness.

Daryl shrugs (God, he’s such a shrugger) and says things are different now. She asks how. And he says after the prison they were forced together and didn’t have any other choice. 

She takes this so wrong. Thinking that her presence is now bothersome to him. So she stands up and starts moving as quickly as she can to the front door, mumbling this and that about sorry for being such a silly nuisance and getting out of his hair. Tears are threatening and she’s in such a rush to escape, she leaves his front door wide open and hauls ass back to the safety and comfort of her own house.

Maggie greets her and immediately asks what’s wrong? She knows her sister’s been at Daryl’s. And she knows something has gone awfully wrong. She runs after Beth. Asks her ‘didn’t he like the couch?’. Beth, still bravely keeping the tears at bay, stutters, ‘It wasn’t the couch he didn’t like. It was me.’ She slams the door, and Maggie is now ready to strangle Daryl Dixon.

I want to write this thing where they’ve been in Alexandria a few nights and Beth decides to bake cookies. For Daryl. Because. And she gets really nervous as she walks over to his place and paces in front of his door for several, long minutes. Maybe she’s even practicing what’s she going to say and then laughing at how ridiculous she sounds.

But then he walks up behind her and says ‘hey’ which scares the shit out of her and she drops the cookies. Or maybe it’s a cake. I don’t know. And a nearby neighbor’s dog runs over and starts chowing down. Beth’s all ‘shit’. And Daryl asks her who they were for. She says she’d just thought maybe he might like something sweet. But he tells her that he doesn’t really need cookies. Or cake. Whatever. Which sort of hurts her feelings a little bit and makes her feel silly.

She blushes and apologizes for said silliness and starts to walk away. He can see that he’s hurt her so he stops her. Asks her if she wants to come inside. She brightens and nods, following him in. His apartment is sparse. Almost totally empty except for his clothes slung here and there and some wayward arrows scattered about. She walks around in complete wonderment at how lonely and dark it feels. Remarking that it even echoes when they talk.

Daryl tells her not much talking goes on here. He doesn’t get many guests. She asks why hasn’t he gone by the storage houses to get some furniture. And he just shrugs. She asks him where he sleeps and he just sort of motions towards a spot on the floor. She’s appalled. He makes some joke about how ‘frilly’ her house probably is. And she tells him that would absolutely be the case if Maggie got her way, but thankfully, her and Glenn have good taste. She asks him if he wants to come over sometime to check it out, maybe have dinner, see her room. ‘It’s not much’ she’ll say. ‘But it’s clean and simple and starting to feel like home.’ 

They stand awkwardly for a moment until she smiles one final time and makes her exit, determined to do something nice for him and turn his place into somewhere actually livable. Because she’s Beth and that’s what she does. And that’s what he deserves. 

She goes home and tosses and turns, getting no sleep thinking about him lying on the carpet of his living room floor. 

So yeah…I could keep going…but I don’t want to write this. I just want someone else to write this.

Be Honest

How many of y’all just bought that coffee mug?


kitchen by Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects, Inc.


kitchen by Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects, Inc.

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I went home and watched ‘Still’ on my lunch break. 

I regret nothing.


I blame y’all for this time warp.


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I wonder if there was some late night filming last night. NR, EK, MMB and CC were all on social media around the same time last night.

I’mma go with YES.

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